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Overdose Free America uses the power of celebrity and entertainment to bring the opioid crisis the visibility and support it deserves.

The opioid crisis is one of the greatest public health care crisis of our time. It has taken the lives of hundreds of thousands Americans at a cost of over $1 trillion. Yet not enough is being done to address it.


Opioids are the leading cause of death for Americans under 50.

The following stats are DAILY not yearly....and the numbers are growing!


ER visits due to opioids


Babies born addicted


Die of opioid overdose

Prevent Opioid Overdoses

Prescriptions for opioid medication (Daily)


Start non-medical use of opioids (Daily)


Start heroin, because it's a cheeper stronger opioid (Daily)


Opioid Crisis

We believe the opioid crisis has not captured the nation's consciousness to the same degree as past public health crises like HIV/AIDS and Gun Violence. People are aware of the opioid crisis due to regional and state-level initiatives, and though much of this content is excellent, too often it has failed to breakthrough or destigmatize opioid abuse. Leading to a lack of visibility and support.


of heroin addicts started with prescription opioids

Reduce Opioid Overdoses

By partnering with national, state and local government, not-for-profits and professional organizations, Overdose Free America seeks to capture America's hearts and minds with content that's engaging, entertaining and destigmatizes opioid abuse. A collaborative approach that enables us to inspire people to take action.

Overdose Free America will not only measurably reduce the number of opioid overdoses, but put the opioid crisis in the cultural spotlight where it belongs.

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